Relationships Matter.

WEOS is the first relationship-focused social communication platform, for better communication with the ones you love.


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Organized By Relationship

We communicate differently depending on our relationships. You might not want to post party photos for your mother to see or discuss important family issues with friends. Discussions concerning work belong among your co-workers. WEOS is organized by relationship (by default), so group discussion can be targeted to the intended relationship. Our approach is fundamentally different, and we feel a social communication platform should be designed this way to enable communication.


Less Vanity, More Communication

WEOS is meant to enable purposeful communication. Within any post, users can create lists, format text, add polls, add WeCash smart contracts, and other productivity features, whether the recipient is intended to be family or to a single individual, privately. Yes, WEOS will be the first social media app to provide 1-on-1 private posting. We feel it is important to allow a mother to have post-and-comment capability with her son. Don’t you?

More Data, More Control

Through your posting habits, a relationship-focus allows you to know more about what is important to you. You’ll be provided with data about your relationships. You’ll know what relationships are important to you, and possibly how to improve them. And, we feel you are the only one who should know this information. Your data is secure, private, and un-sellable to another party.

Ads That Serve You

The WEOS advertising system (WeAds) rewards you for the ads you view. The blockchain technology of EOSIO allows decentralized exchange of value, eliminating the middlemen. This enables every user of WEOS to receive WeCash tokens through staking and platform usage.


What is WeCash?

WeCash is the secure, decentralized token of the WEOS social platform. It can be transferred from user-to-user and is already available for trade at various cryptocurrency exchanges and has a fixed supply. Transactions require no fees, enabled by EOSIO technology.

For more information on WeCash and the airdrop, visit

Token Economics

The WEOS platform will drive market demand for WeCash. Advertisers must buy WeCash on exchanges, then pay in the token  in order to run their ads. Each user has an opportunity to stake WeCash to participate in the WEOS platform rewards program to earn tokens. Since WEOS will generate revenues, the token has a fixed supply while ensuring its scarcity.

Our token is listed on the following exchanges:

Latest Blockchain Technology

The technology of EOSIO allows feeless and secure data transfer. Delegated block producers, through decentralized governance, ensure that the network is always running and secure. The technology is used by the best blockchains in the world. See and for more information on the performance of EOS. For more information on EOS, visit

Secure Content

We’re different! Our focus is to shift away from traditional server architectures, where the user’s content (including messages, images, videos, links, etc.) are stored in a centrally secured system (i.e. server clusters or on the cloud). Our architecture leaves the user’s content where it should be, on the user’s devices! This in turn gives control to the user on how to handle their content, since they control the storage medium. The only reason for the server architecture to exist is to facilitate secured communication between multiple clients (and their devices) and to continuously verify one’s identity.

Full-featured Communication Platform

Stake WeCash in order for platform rewards, with in-depth reporting, and many other features.

Relationship Posting and Networking

Point your posts to the appropriate relationship. Posts directed to you within any relationship can result in new contacts and new relationships.

Simple Design

Our design philosophy is one of simplicity and ease-of-use. We want to keep the learning curve to a minimum.

Productivity Features

Within each post, you can include lists, events, sticky notes, smart contracts, and more. Proper communication within relationships is important.


WeCash Staking

Stake your WeCash to receive platform rewards. The more you stake, the more you can receive. Detailed reports keep you up-to-date of your rewards status.

Feeless Transactions

All token transfers are feeless and fast due to the technology of the EOS blockchain. The EOS blockhain went live on June ’18; is immutable and autonomous.

Suite of Products

WEOS is at “heart” a communication platform. But, other products that are useful and drive demand to the WeCash token will eventually be added to the WEOS ecosystem.

Coming in 2019!