World’s first sharing platform organized by relationship for more control over posting and interaction with the ones you love.

A private posting space for each contact

WEOS is organized by relationships so you can direct your posts where you want. You can share with friends, family and co-workers easily. Each of your relationships will receive a special wall to review all shared content. You even get private walls for all of your 1-on-1 private sharing. You get a special place for each relationship to post, comment, sort, search and browse. WEOS comes with cool productivity features like sticky-notes. Also, users are allocated a certain portion of WECASH for the ads of the platform, as well as by adjusting their privacy settings


What is WeCash?

WeCash is, in essence, a philosophy and a vision. It is an idea that money should be scarce, have real demand and value, and not be monopolized or centrally controlled. It is a fee-less, decentralized, cryptographically-secure method of payment using the technology of the EOSIO platform.  Transfers happen in an instant and are always free.  WeCash has a fixed supply of 4 billion tokens.

Token Economics

WeCash uses a closed-loop economic model. Revenues in WeCash mean no inflation is necessary to fund the platform. Businesses will have to buy WeCash on exchanges in order to purchase advertising. This drives the demand for WeCash.

Token Distribution

WeCash tokens will be airdropped in September 2018 to most EOS accounts in genesis snapshot.  Those accounts not receiving the airdrop will be able to participate in our upcoming airgrab. The remaining balance ensures the development of the platform and future investments. Company reserves will be used to develop features and applications that drive real demand to WeCash, the token of WEOS. 

Light Paper



Blockchain is distributed database technology. The record of transactions for money and data are executed by multiple, unbiased actors or “nodes”, rather than through a central database used by Visa or Facebook. Each node has a copy of the database and the transactions are linked cryptographically. If any change happens to the databases, each unbiased node will know. This secures the database. The blockchain technology WEOS uses is called EOSIO, which is not only proven to be secure, but enables transactions to be fee-less, rather than the technologies of Bitcoin or Ethereum, which require fees.

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Many problems come from centralized business models, including cost and inefficiency through required interactions with third parties. One problem in particular, is that a centralized businesses can be shut down for any reason. Decentralization through blockchain technology and open-source software can enable distributed ownership by its users. Every user is a partial owner and has a vote. Anyone in the community can offer value and be compensated, whether it be a marketer or a programmer. Decentralization ensures that there is no single point enabling control or shut-down. The world, in essence, can own a business like WEOS and ensure the life of the platform.


Alkan Özyayla

Business & Strategy

A block chain enthusiast with 14 years of project development experience, mostly in infrastructure and real estate fields; both as engineer and project finance officer. Alkan is currently responsible for Strategy and Business Development of WEOS Project. He is also involved in an energy infrastructure investment fund, managing development of various power plants across Africa and Mena regions with a total project cost of ca. USD500m. Prior to this, he worked 1 year in construction arm and 4 years at the strategy and project finance departments of an airport investment holding. During his days in airport industry, he had been involved in financing of USD 2 billion worth of airport PPP transactions. He holds a Master Degree in Construction Management from Darmstadt Technical University, Germany.

Darren Collins


Social app and blockchain enthusiast. He is responsible for product design with WEOS. Dabbled in centralized startups Super-I and Egzist. He is the author of Fast Draw and the upcoming, Henry: From the Other World. Staunch libertarian believing that prices and personal choice result in better allocation of our resources than by bureaucrats. Extremely eager and willing to do his part in decentralizing a centralized world.

Bill Tricarico


Bill brings 20 years of professional software experience, which spans industries such as casino gaming, e-commerce, telecommunications and consulting. In the crypto space, he has worked on the bitcoin circuit software, as well as casino vendors. He has been part of teams that built the first few business intelligence solutions for the gaming industry, using both tailored off-the-shelf enterprise software, as well as open source software. Bill has also worked on an in-game sports betting platform that use complex mathematical models to compute sports odds on the fly. Bill has also consulted for sports betting experts, and companies in areas such as streaming media, online retail, organized labor unions, online poker, and enterprise healthcare.

Eddie So


Eddie is a senior-level developer and team lead with 17+ years of software development experience in the areas of gaming, hardware asset management (via RFID), digital media procurement and management, and customer relation management (CRM) systems. His responsibilities with WEOS includes all architecture design, senior development and lead any developers that are hired post funding. Some accomplishments include pushing mobile gaming through legal regulations and audits, creating software for managing customer relations (especially VIPs) for 13+ casino properties, and creating a horizontally auto scalable system for handing 1+ million concurrent connections for streaming

Ravi A. Bahadursingh

Legal Counsel

Ravi has over 20 years of legal experience, particularly in the areas of corporate, commercial and financial law. He is responsible for the legal affars of WEOS. He has an LLM in International Economic Law and has considerable experience with in-depth cross border litigation. He was involved professionally with the legal issues facing some of the earliest financial cryptography efforts. Ravi is the co-author of the recently enacted Anguilla Utility Token Offering Act and is currently working on several projects to build out the blockchain ecosystem in Anguilla and elsewhere. Ravi is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin.

Randall Johnson

Legal Counsel

Randall has more than 30 years experience as a securities and capital markets lawyer in the technology, investments and specialty finance industries, and is acknowledged as a leader in international regulations applicable to the Blockchain economy. He is responsible for the legal affars of WEOS. He also serves as an advisor to, a leading Blockchain incubator and launch consultancy. Randall provides legal services through Sinnott & Company, LLC, a specialty finance and capital markets law firm. He is a graduate of Emory University School of Law.

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